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  1. Meeting with the Commanding General of the Multinational Forces

  2. Medics evacuating patients from the front lines to the next level of care

  3. Earning the Combat Medical Badge for providing medical care while under attack

  4. Cover of a paramedic magazine

  5. Detonation of a roadside bomb

  6. Funeral service for two fellow soldiers

  7. Vehicle with fold-out canopy out of which front line care was provided. My modest sleeping quarters on the left of vehicle

  8. Front lines of Najaf around perimeter of mosque harboring Al-Sadr militia

  9. Piece of shrapnel from an exploding roadside bomb which cracked the windshield of our vehicle

  10. Hard at work on the front lines with physician assistant Lt. Dean Stulz

  11. Front line medical aid vehicle

  12. Seeking shade in our front line medical aid vehicle between missions

  13. Even in combat fresh breath matters!

  14. Colonel Miyamasu briefing the troops before a mission

  15. Remembering our fallen comrades

  16. Our gourmet meals

  17. The cemetery battlefield in Najaf.

  18. The cemetery battlefield in Najaf.

  19. Night vision during a raid.

  20. All my belongings for the next 15 months in these 2 bags.

  21. Close call

  22. Passing the time.

  23. Just landed in cold and wet Kuwait.

  24. Home sweet home.

  25. Performing a surgical procedure in a tent

  26. 60 man tent - who is that snoring???

  27. Although conditions were not ideal, we were fortunate to have x-ray technology for combat injuries even in the desert

  28. Almost home!

  29. Treating a prisoner

  30. Camaraderie

  31. The Iraqi people were cheering us on, gave many soldiers the drive to keep fighting

  32. Even we had unwelcomed guests!

  33. When we first arrived in Kuwait it was cold and raining. These are my boots drying after walking through the massive puddles. Rain in the desert?

  34. Passing the time

  35. Chaos!

  36. We always had to be ready for moments of sheer terror.

  37. Boredom

  38. Befriending the local stray dogs

  39. The irony of a doctor having to carry a weapon

  40. Our Wonderful View

  41. In preparation for deployment to Iraq, Dr. Bose had to learn how to use a machine gun. That firearm was his constant companion for the following 15 months

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